Quotes by the Kids

Feb 10, 2013: After Reilly’s first successful #2 on the potty (half of which didn’t make it in the potty..), I excitedly said, “Look, Reilly! What’s in the potty?” To which she replied, “Umm.. it’s a snack!” No, Reilly, please…please, do not mistake that for a snack. :-/

Trying to contain my laughter, I asked Halle to answer for her. Halle’s reply with a silly look on her face, “It’s a turd!”

Feb 13, 2013: Things I’ve said to Reilly in the last 24 hours:
“Don’t bite the couch!”
“Don’t put your doggy in your milk!”
“Yuck! Don’t put your fingers in your poopy diaper!”
“No you cannot have all my lunch. Mommy needs to eat too.”

Apr 20, 2013: after leaving the baseball game to get home in time for the girls’ nap…
Reilly (through tears/sniffles): “Sissy, you can sing me a song and then I will be happy.”
Halle: sings “His Love Endures Forever,” then asks, “Are you happy now, Reilly?”
Reilly: “yeah, I’m not sad anymore. Now I can take a nap.”

Jul 18, 2013: One of the reasons Reilly is so hard to discipline: I sit her down on the couch and squat in front of her at eye level, giving her a stern lesson (something about not whacking me in the face when I pick her up to talk to her). Her response? (with a silly grin) “Mommy, I wike yo’ nose. I see your boo boo on yo’ head wight dere (referring to a zit).” How am I supposed to keep it together after that??! 

Oct 28, 2013: embarrassing moment at Kroger – halle sees a male employee who happens to sport a ponytail and shouts w/ amusement and bewilderment (and points her finger), “That boy is wearing a ponytail!”

Nov 10, 2013: halle just turned off the TV after SuperWhy was over and I overheard her tell Reilly, “We have to turn it off now because if we watch too much TV we might get so sick.”



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