Conquering the Beast (a.k.a. disastrously messy van!)

Okay, I will give all of you neat-freaks (or just ordinary people) fair warning. What you are about to see may be appalling to you. Personally, I don’t enjoy our van being this messy…but I can be known to put up with it for a wee bit too long. And in the interest of full disclosure, I am sort of a messy person. You couldn’t tell that by the picture below, right? Believe it or not, I have come a long way in the neatness/organization department. Clearly, I have a ways to go yet.



You see, with a 3.5 year old, 2 year old, and 6 month old, every time we come in the house I have to unbuckle two big girl car seats, carry the baby in her car seat while managing to keep kids headed in the general direction of the front door and dig for the house key that I put in my pocket (yes the one that I can’t reach since it’s on the side I’m holding the car seat). That leaves me without any free arms to carry in junk that accumulates in the van. You know, extra gloves and hats, dirty diapers that were changed in the van, and all the remnants of my coupon cutting that took place while sitting in the grocery store parking lot. Oh, and can’t forget the coffee cups and apple cores that remain from my breakfast on the go. You mamas know the feeling of making meals for everyone else (and dressing them, changing, diapers, packing bags, brushing teeth…)then realizing you have no time to eat your own food before you need to leave for church, right?

Oh, and there’s the whole “I don’t want to make an extra trip back out to the van to bring junk in because I live in the Midwest and it’s probably 20 degrees out with 25 mph winds and maybe ice on the ground, and I just cannot afford a broken tail bone right now, so I’ll just let the junk pile up until I get too sick of it, then I’ll go to the car vacuum place and clean it all out at once” thought. And sometimes, I am finally prompted to clean out the van because I can NOT find a single pair of matching mittens for the girls, or my debit card is missing and surely it’s in there somewhere, and we are running out of clean drinking glasses because half of them are in the car. So, here’s the equation.

I get really fed up with gross van + can’t find anything among the rubble + there is a random warm February day + my parents take the older two girls on a mini-vacation on President’s Day=a trip to car vacuum place and a clean(er) van!




and little Karis came along for the ride!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the trunk swept out because this cute thing was getting fussy and the sweeper ran out of time and that would’ve been $.75 more to go with my crying baby, so I decided to quit for the day. I do feel much better now. And I’ll probably text my husband to tell him to look in the van before he comes inside when he gets home from work. I am kind of proud of myself. 🙂

Do you have any dirty secrets? I mean the kind where there is actual dirt and trash, and you’d be a bit embarrassed to let others in on it?