Life Snapshot – Halle 3.75 yrs, Reilly 2.5 yrs, Karis 7 mos

I have been thinking more about what my purpose for blogging is. I’ve realized that my primary goal is to document the things I am learning – about God, life, motherhood, marriage, etc – so that I will never forget all the ways God has been faithful to me AND so that my children can look back someday and see His provision and goodness in a way that is relevant to them.

I want to periodically give little ‘snapshots’ of life as it is in our home. Perhaps one day it will help my daughters when they become mothers and go through the same things. And I’m quite certain that it will encourage me as I look back and realize how God carried us through these times and brought us out on the other side a bit more like Jesus.


Let me just say I am thankful for the principles of Babywise and the fact that I learned to set bedtime and wake up time for the girls when they were very young. Of course, when they were babies still nursing during the night I would feed them if they woke early, but then I’d put them right back in bed and wake them up later at our ‘desired wake time.’ For us, we’ve been on a 8:30 pm – 8:30 am schedule for quite a while. Reilly used to be an earlier riser by nature, but since she and Halle have started sharing a room she’s been content to stay in bed quietly until time to get up. In theory, I would like to get up before the girls so I can get a head start on the day, but I don’t usually do that. I am a sleeper…Josh will attest to that. When he goes in to work around 6 a.m., he always kisses me goodbye and I’m usually still comatose. 🙂

Okay, so if Karis is still sleeping around 8:30, I will get H & R up first. That is actually one of my favorite times of the day. I walk in with a cheerful “Good Morning!” and am greeted with happy smiles and “Good morning, Mommy!” Halle will usually then remind me of the routine. “Mommy, lets change our diapers (pull up for her), then we can get dressed, and then we can eat breakfast!” They are super excited when I get K up and practically attack her with hugs and head rubs. What a way to wake up for a baby! 🙂

Good morning! ha!

Good morning! ha!

So, diapers are changed (x3), breakfast if fixed (usually cereal, oatmeal, eggs, and/or fruit), and I nurse Karis. Some days I eat breakfast, but some days I don’t get a chance until they have snack time later. If I got up earlier, I could eat then…but honestly, I’d rather sleep. ha.


Sometimes the girls will watch Super Why on PBS at 9, but lately they haven’t been interested so we just play.  We try to do a quick ‘chore time’ either right after breakfast, or as soon as K goes down for her morning nap at around 10. H & R will help me gather up dirty laundry, put away clean laundry, wash windows (their favorite – they love wiping the bubbles on the glass), do a quick pick up of the play room or dining room, or help put clothes in the washer/dryer.  Sometimes one or both of the girls will help willingly, sometimes not. On the non-cooperative days, I have to give a reminder that if you don’t help the ‘team’ you don’t get to play (ex: You cannot play with your puzzles until you do your part to help clean up). I try to stay very positive and talk about teamwork a lot, and we usually end up singing the theme song from WonderPets – “What’s gonna work? Teeeeamwork!” What’s gonna work? Teeeeamwork! Yay!” My expectations for ‘helping’ are not high. I just want willing helpers. Sometimes the windows end up with streaks and fingerprints even after the girls ‘wash’ them, but if they are doing it happily and trying to contribute, that’s ok!


helping with laundry

Whatever time is left before 10:30 (snack time) is play time. H & R are really into imaginative play and pretending to be various characters from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood usually. I love watching them play together and they really are peaceful most of the time. When there are scuffles, if Halle is the instigator I will usually ask, “Did ______ make her happy or sad/mad?” If she says sad/mad, then I will ask, “What should you have done instead?” And then we talk about a better solution. If Reilly is the instigator, there is a little less talk and I will usually just direct her to give the stolen toy back or play with something else.


it is not unusual for someone to still be in jammies late in the morning

Snack time is at 10:30 – usually raisins, almonds, orange, or banana.

Okay – I will do this in three parts – morning/midday/evening. This is getting way too long.