What’s Going On Lately

10 Things and some pictures.

1. After much prayer and thought, I applied for the Varsity Softball coaching job at Southmont. Just waiting to see what happens next. I have total peace with either outcome. 

2. It is SO stinking cold. This has been the coldest winter since 1994 or something. And the wind is ferocious. I am incredibly thankful to have a warm home. Temps have been regularly in the single digits or teens, with many days below zero too. The wind is gusting near 40 mph today. This weather makes me think about the pioneers who traveled cross-country with their families in covered wagons. What were they thinking?!

3. Josh and I have spent a fair amount of time drawing up ideas for the layout of our (hopefully) new home that may or may not be built next year. It’s so hard to do this on paper without having a good sense of space and dimensions of a room in real life. Can we just build the frame and then decide where everything will go? 🙂

4. I went shopping yesterday with my mom and grandma in Lafayette. We get to do this maybe once or twice a year. It is so nice to have a day to be doing non-little kid things. I don’t feel like my attention is pulled in ten directions all the time, I just get to be a grown up with grown ups that I am totally relaxed with. I spent my Christmas money (plus a liiiiittle more). I laughed thinking about how much Josh would hate to spend 6 hours browsing, trying on, sharing opinions, and buying clothes. I am sure he’s glad I went with my mom and grandma instead of him!

5. The girls have been slightly obsessed with Frozen lately and it’s making me a little batty. I liked the movie and soundtrack, but I made the mistake of playing it a few too many times because halle sings it ALL DAY LONG. She is developing a bit of an Elsa complex. So I have been encouraging her to come up with new ideas for imaginative play with limited success. She really hardly plays with toys anymore. She just pretends all day long, one thing after another (mostly Frozen but sometimes Tangled or occasionally ‘doctor’). 

6. Making ‘books’ is another new favorite of halle’s. She illustrates four pages (apparently this is the exact length of a book in her mind), and has asked me to help her spell as she writes the text on each page. So far she has done two Cinderella books, a Frozen book, and a book about a time she went to her Cousin Claire’s house. 


she’s not book-making here – this time it was stickers!

7. Reilly is still hilarious. Our funny nickname for her lately is “Little Buns” because she is usually running around in her underwear and she has the cutest tiny little bottom! She is 3.25 years but is still just such a petite thing. She’s been extra cuddly lately too which I love. She has also developed a less than desirable habit of yelling to get someone’s attention, and if you don’t answer right away she will continue yelling. I could go for some earplugs at times…


too sweet to ever be ornery right? 😉

8. Karis is into everything. Everything. Pulling books off the shelf happens multiple times a day, craft supplies pulled out of drawers, toys carried to various places in the house. Whew. I need to step up the training on my end now that she is definitely old enough to learn SOME self-control. Also, she LOVES to brush her teeth. She cries when I don’t let her in the bathroom when she stands outside yelling “TEE! TEE!” She would brush twenty times a day if I let her. Not such a bad habit but not exactly something I can supervise all day long.


spaghetti face!

9. Bath time, tea parties, movie watching, and first ponytails!….just a few more of our daily happenings around here. This time in life with little ones is most definitely trying, but super special too.





10. We had a couple of non-frigid days so we got to take a walk and play outside! Come on Spring!!


doesn’t every kid have to eat dirty snow as a right-of-passage?


if only pictures had sound…




Snowed In

The ‘big snow’ of 2014 will be long remembered. A foot of snow accompanied by sub-zero temperatures (wind chills near -40) makes for conditions that force you to be inside. With the snow expected to come in the early hours of Sunday morning, we packed up Saturday evening and headed to my parents’ house to hole up for the storm since our furnace is over 35 years old and we have no back up source of heat in case of lost power – and with a foot of snow, we wouldn’t be able to travel if power did go out.

We ended up staying four days with my parents. We were all a little stir-crazy by the end, but all-in-all it was a good time. We had lots of good food, a warm wood-stove, Disney movies for the girls, and bird-watching for me (as you’ll see in pics below). The cold temps didn’t arrive until after the snow had fallen, so we were all able to get out and enjoy playing and walking through the snow as it fell about mid-day Sunday.