Karis Noelle :: 1 year


It is going to be seriously fun to see who this little girl becomes. She has been by far our easiest baby in terms of sleep training and flexibility. She barely cried going down for a nap until she was nearly 6 months old. And while she didn’t start sleeping 12 hours straight through until 8 months old, she never had more than 2 night feeds, even as a newborn, and never had any night wakings that lasted longer than it took me to feed her. I really, really needed this experience this time around since I had Halle and Reilly to care for also. Karis being so flexible and a good sleeper just made the transition to three kids pretty seamless.

Teeth: So, at one year old, Karis has no teeth. I do love a gummy baby smile, but it does make it a tad more challenging to feed her what we’re eating at meals. She does eat what we eat usually, but I just have to take more time to cut it up, etc.

Talking: She only started babbling (consonants) around 9 months, and even then, not much. She will say “Dadda” but not always necessarily in response to seeing Josh. She has said Mama a handful of times. I think she has a hard time with any sounds that require her to put her lips together (m, p, b). She just started making a barking noise when seeing/hearing/being asked about a dog. It’s funny – kind of a growl/grunt sound that I cannot replicate in type. Also just started saying doggy (“goggy”) and kitty (“deedee”) and that is really about it.

Walking: She took her first steps (for my mom….what?!) a couple days before her birthday. The most she has taken in the two weeks since is 6, but is pretty content crawling still (bear crawling a lot – with her hiney sticking up in the air). Karis can stand forever though without falling.

Eating: Was weaned at 9 months. Formula (usually organic) until 12 months and now cow’s milk. She usually probably drinks maybe 18 oz per day. I get organic when it’s on clearance (I can often find it for $1.50-$2/half gal or $3/gal. ) at the local Kroger. She like bananas, cheese, blueberries (loves them!), hamburger, yogurt, applesauce, beans of any kind. She does NOT like carrots or peas.

Social: Karis is hard to figure sometimes. One moment, she will laugh at something and another time, the same thing will make her cry. I can pretty much tell how she will react to things based on her mood at the moment, but her sisters haven’t quite figured it out yet! LOL. They often get right in her face and make silly sounds/faces, etc, which will make her cry because it’s just TOO much TOO close. But other times, they will do the same thing and she will laugh hysterically. I guess that’s a woman for ya. 😉 I just thought that wasn’t supposed to start until she’s like, 13.

She is awesome in the nursery at church. Lets me leave her every time with no problems. The only time she clung to me and cried when I dropped her off was when there was another screaming/crying toddler in the room.  The volunteers say she just plays happily on her own the whole hour (despite skipping the a.m. nap).

Karis likes to be played with, but she is totally cool with playing by herself most of the time too. She is a girl on the move and does not hold still or want to be held – ever. She will cry when I leave the room, but only if she is looking at me when I leave. If I sneak out, she won’t cry when she realizes I’m gone as long as she doesn’t actually watch me go.

Sleep: Like I said, she is a champ in this category. I am pretty sure I have not had to go in her room a single time in nearly 4 months (since she was a little over 8 months old) at night. Wait, I think I did once when she was sick and once when she got her leg stuck in the crib slats, but both were 30 second visits.

Naps are a little tougher, but still mostly good. She is starting to shorten her a.m. nap on her own. Sometimes it can be 1.5 hrs but often it is 30 min – 1 hour. Usually she takes a good 2 hour p.m. nap. And Sundays, when she skips the a.m. nap she will usually sleep 3+ hours when we get to my parents’ house (where we go most Sundays after church). She will go through phases – maybe a week at a time every couple months where she cries at the beginning of a nap for a bit so that can be frustrating when I know she needs to sleep but doesn’t want to, but usually it doesn’t last long.


Karis, you are such a gift to us! Easygoing and unafraid. I love seeing your sweet, chubby face every day. Little Sunshine, you are precious to us and we love you so much!


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