Look-alike Cousins

It’s funny how some people perceive who your kids look like. Most people agree that Halle and Karis look like their Daddy. Well, it’s pretty hard to miss with Karis. 🙂 Once in a while, I will hear that Halle looks like me, but that is usually from people who don’t know Josh. I really don’t think any of my girls look alike, and neither does anyone in my close family. People who don’t know us as well sometimes used to say that Halle and Reilly looked alike, but honestly, I just don’t see it at all. To me they look completely different. I really don’t know if Reilly looks more like me or Josh. She actually resembles her cousin, Claire, more than anyone. I think those two could easily be mistaken for sisters.


Claire (right) was a little over 2.5 when Reilly was born. That picture of her is from the day she (and her Mom, Dad, and brother) came to visit Reilly in the hospital when she was born. Reilly (left) had just turned 2 in this picture taken last fall. Not sure if I picked the best “look-alike” picture, but their similarities are quite striking to me. Below is a picture of the two of them together on Labor Day of 2012. Claire was 4.5 and Reilly not quite 2. (All the cousins were wading in the creek near our house, so that explains the nearly-naked Reilly and soaking-wet Claire)


My girls are lucky to have a girl cousin close in age and not *too* far away (about 45 min). They so look forward to our visits with her and her family – as do we!


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