This is So Much Harder Than College

…being a wife and mother, that is. Let me be clear that the depth of beauty of motherhood and marriage is unrivaled by any other experience I’ve had in life. But it is so much harder, too.

My mind has never been more stretched. My intellect is being constantly challenged in every facet of a wife and mother’s concerns: health and nutrition, finances, organization, home efficiency, cooking, cleaning, scheduling, planning…oh, yes, and the children! Three kids to feed, dress, bathe, play with, laugh with, discipline, train, teach. Nothing could be more rewarding and it is absolutely where I want to be in life, but it is plain exhausting.

When I first became a mother, I remember feeling like I was getting “dumber.” Playing with one little baby all day and having hours of free time (nap time) that were mostly spent alone made me feel like I wasn’t being challenged. Sure, the early months of sleepless nights and terrible pain of nursing my little girl were hard, but not mentally stimulating. Goo goo-gaa gaa and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star can numb the mind a bit.

It’s three years later and I’m changing my tune.  I have never been more intellectually challenged (not to mention physically, emotionally, or spiritually) in my life. The topics that are bouncing around in my brain on any (every) given day are endless. Homeschooling plans, GAPS diet research (recipes, fermenting, food prep techniques), finding new sources for all the new kinds of food we’re eating, figuring out how to budget for it all, weaning Reilly off her pacifier, potty training, cloth diapering (bought them and have used them but not as much as I’d like), nap/night potty training Halle, laundry!, implementing chore time with the girls, scheduling appointments, softball lessons, church involvement, garden planning, starting solids for Karis, reading too many books at once, pondering/praying about a million things related to mothering these three girls, staying *calm* when dealing disobedient or whiny children, showing grace to them, being intentional about loving my husband, how to get back in shape, my aching back, hips, and feet, beginning stages of researching/planning for possibly building a house in the future, visiting family, planning get togethers with friends…..

Bless you if you read all the way through that list. That list was mostly for me. I’m thinking if I write it down, it will settle my mind a bit. have no doubt that I can thrive in this season of life and that the Lord is always working in me and will be faithful to complete the work He has begun. But I can still say it’s hard, right?


7 thoughts on “This is So Much Harder Than College

    • The mental exhaustion is so much tougher for me than the physical. I laid in bed last night thinking on letting Jesus carry my burdens for me…a conscious decision I need to make every day.

  1. You just totally described my life. No wonder we completely dropped ‘church involvement’ from the picture. It was simply too much – I’ve left the cookie-baking and children’s church supervising to others. 🙂 We are reaching out to our world with God’s love in ways that aren’t on a schedule or require us to be anywhere on time.
    You’re doing fantastic Britney. His grace is sufficient for you. *hugs*

    • I hear you on that. Our church involvement is pretty minimal really – an every other week adult small group (which I actually love as a little break for adult conversation) and Sunday mornings which we really all enjoy…once we get out the door and get there. 😉 I just finished teaching 8 weeks of 5th/6th grade Sunday school but don’t plan to do that again until my kiddos are older. I keep reminding myself that having 3 under 4 is a very unique season in life that needs my full attention – and that it’s okay if I can’t do anything else!

      Thanks for the encouragement that this is ‘normal’!

    • Same name and everything! 😉 I hopped over to your blog and saw that you write to remember all the ways God is blessing you and working in your life — me too! I always want to have a written record of my/our journey because I am so forgetful. I don’t want to be forgetful (like the Israelites) of God’s faithfulness because it helps me face each day with hope and confidence in Him! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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