Sometimes Easier is Harder


  1. Like having smart phones that supposedly save you money and time, yet cost hundreds each month, steal hours from your day, and give you less real face time with your family.
  2. Like having a television that will mesmerize your children so you can have a break, but having to re-train them for attentiveness and respect and appreciation for true art and beauty that the TV stole from them.
  3. Like blog hopping instead of doing the dishes, but then you end up with a mountain of dishes and no plates to use for dinner and you’re crabby because your kitchen is a mess.
  4. Like buying the big house with the custom cabinets and walk in closets, but then you have children and wish you could stay home to see them grow up but you can’t afford to.
  5. Like financing the new car because it tells the world you’ve arrived, but then you’re fighting with your husband about where all the money’s going and why can’t we just keep up with the Joneses?
  6. Like pushing “send” on a text or email with words you would never say face-to-face, then wishing you could find the “un-send” button.
  7. Like indulging in the extra (dozen) cookies, then stressing about why you just can’t shed those last 10 pounds.
  8. Like staying up late because you’re a “night owl,” but in the morning you pull the covers over your head and feel defeated before the day’s even begun.
  9. Like not taming your tongue and getting in the easy criticism, then having to repent and reconcile what should have never been broken in the first place.
  10. Like dismissing the possibility of adopting an orphan or supporting a missionary, then wondering why you can’t seem to find a useful purpose in God’s work on earth.

A few of these I’ve managed to avoid doing, but most of them I’ve learned (am learning) the hard way. Because sometimes taking the easy road in the beginning turns out to be the hard road in the end. But, praise God, he is full of mercy and grace to hold us on this journey.



3 thoughts on “Sometimes Easier is Harder

    • Wow, how cool that you wrote a post so similar! Sounds like we are kindred spirits indeed. And I agree — I, too, love knowing others out there are walking the same road and learning the same things as me. Thanks for encouraging me and stopping by to comment!

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