Meet the Family!

Perhaps someday I will tell you “our story” – how we met, how we broke things off two…three….four…times, how I thought he just wasn’t my type, how God spoke to me more clearly than he ever had before (and possibly since) that he was in fact, exactly my type and THE one for me, and how I am grateful every single day that the Lord gave me a second fourth chance to make the right choice, and how Josh demonstrated Christ-like love and forgiveness when he also gave me another chance. Fast forward seven years…. we will celebrate our sixth anniversary this July (2013) and have been blessed with three lovely daughters. I really could not have imagined a more wonderful ‘middle’ to our story. So here they are:

Josh :: introvert – faithful follower of Jesus – loyal friend, husband, and father – authentic to the core – humble – generous – kind – gentle in speech – forgiving – laid back – patient – peacemaker – loving husband and father – talented graphic artist (hopefully he will be lending his talents to this blog soon!) – Cincinnati Reds and Indianapolis Colts fan – hunter in training – enjoys listening to Ravi Zacharias sermons – my *perfect* match

098 Josh and Britney

wedding pic: July 21, 2007

Halle :: born May 13, 2009 :: showing many first-born tendencies already – quite like her mother – loves to perform/dance (though still shy in front of large groups) – cautious – orderly – smart – learning to read (can read most three letter words and knows some others) – loves affirmation, especially verbal – loves talking about vacation (we went to Cincinnati 7 months ago and she still asks about going on vacation all the time!) – loves to role play, especially Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood episodes – sleeps with her stuffed animals named Puppy, Big Bear, Medium Bear, and Little Bear, and her Winnie the Pooh blanket that she’s had since birth – happy, happy girl.


Reilly :: October 1, 2010 :: brings a much-needed ‘spark’ to our home – adventurous – so funny – very verbal (always saying things that I cannot believe she came up with) – spunky – shy around anyone she doesn’t know well – not at ALL shy at home – independent (‘let me try’ or ‘i wanna do it’ are two of her favorite phrases) – loves to be tickled – hates having water poured on her head in the bath – loves animals – loves going to Mamaw and Papaw’s house – usually runs the opposite direction when called – silly (see below) – cute as a button, which makes it so hard not to smile when I’m trying to be serious with her in times of discipline…


Karis :: August 15, 2012 :: sweet, sweet baby – spitting image of her daddy – quiet – wonderful sleeper – happy – an absolutely perfect addition to our family – can’t wait to see what other adjectives I can add to this list as she grows!

There they are.  So grateful that the Lord has allowed me to be a part of this family.



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